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The plot of each individual purchasing journey is vastly different.

Different Goals
Different Backgrounds
Different Budgets
Different Appeals

E-commerce companies spend more on acquisition than they do on retention. And when they do they use the same strategies they used for acquisition to retain their clients.

An increase in retention would yield 5 to 20 more profit than an increase in acquisition.
e-commerce companies make more than 50% of their profit from their 10% top consumers.

A Single Unified Solution

At Plottr we’re building an A.I. that helps decipher user intentions, determines context, discover the various preferences for users and creates a dynamic unified personalized solution for user retention.

Plottr Optimization Stack

Plottr Optimization Stack

Our Optimization Stack allows your company to easily prepare and set up test campaigns automatically optimizing to the best performing products and creatives without having to review reports daily and switching campaigns manually.

By automating hundreds of campaigns and running the optimized placements, Plottr will save your company thousands of hours annually in setting up test campaigns and analyzing past campaigns. The results will be transparent immediately and maximize every marketing campaign.

Increase Your Optimization Goals by Leveraging our Tools!

A/B Testing & Personalization.

Multi-Variate Testing to determine the best variation for banner copy and design, as well as recommendation selections.

Automatically detect the audience segment better fitting your experiment, saving time and spending on testing.

Content & UX Tracking.

Learn what your users are spending their time looking at.

constantly cross check UX feature validity.

Measure which content is driving conversions.

Keeping up with the growing expectations of today's users has become a challenge.
The complex marketing tools and hundreds of campaigns has become a daily challenge for digital marketers.

Plottr is committed to making the implementation of omni-channel personalization easier than ever with artificial intelligence built specifically for the task. Plottr will Optimize, Automate and Personalize your products, allowing your site to be more efficient while reducing your workload.

Increase Conversions Now!

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Our software will generate beautiful dashboards that allows your company to view high level data points as well as the ability to filter and segment on a granular level.

This analysis will prove invaluable as your marketing team will be able to manage your inventory, understand your desire price points and make data-backed decisions on how to allocate resources to each product.


Our software provides recommendation, predictive insights and a host of other add-ons at no additional cost unlike our competitors. By offering all these tools at an accessible price point, we allow small to medium size companies the ability to compete against the giants of their industries.

By offering personalized recommend products to customers, you will see average order values rise by over 50%. Layered with predictive insights and you can offer a rich shopping experience while greatly reducing the workload on your marketing team.

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415 Jackson Street, San Francsisco CA, 94111
© 2018, All Rights Reserved
415 Jackson Street, San Francsisco CA, 94111