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Product Overview

Plottr is a Software as a Service providing online websites and mobile apps with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven solutions to Enhance, Automate and Personalize the User Experience with an easy 5 minutes implementation, for a monthly subscription fee.

Plottr bridges 3 different solutions with a new method of processing machine learning to provide a solution that can solve problems across personalisation, marketing automation and analytics:

> Personalize the User Experience with a set of easily installed highly customized widgets catering to the user behaviour, their browsing context and their location.

> Automate follow ups with a click of a button to reach each user with a personalized message based on their interactions and preferences.

> Optimize your User Experience, Gain all the knowledge you need about your users and your products with deep learning driven analytics.

Learn more about Plottr

This is as much as we are willing to share about our technology at the moment, get in touch if you wish to participate in our closed beta.

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