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Machine Learning
At Your Fingertips

Machine Learning At Your Fingertips

Keeping up with the growing expectations of today's users has become a challenge.

Plottr is raising the bar of omni channel personalization with the help of an A.I. built specifically for the task. Plottr will Optimize, Automate and Personalize Your product, allowing you to accomplish so much more than what you ever thought possible continue reading..

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Offer your audience the personalized experience they've grown to expect from tech giants like google, amazon and youtube.


Treat your audience with the seamless and deeply personalized experience that will follow their thought patterns, study and learn from their history, and contextualize recommendations to the products and articles they are browsing.

We offer a range of curative algorithms that can be implemented without adding a single line of code. manage your website. beta-test it. launch it and optimize it all in one place.


Have you ever wondered if your product can be smart enough to automatically follow up on your users, handle their interest by pushing the content they presented interest in. sending them automated personalized emails with content they like.

We've dreamt of a solution that can automate your product in such a way that you will only observe while it takes care of everything.

Easily design an Automation campaign that will follow the user's interests and interactions to the letter.

Plottr goes beyond marketing automation solutions using neural networks and deep learning focused on your product specific data to push the automated behaviour to the maximum, getting as close as it can get to a personal interaction with your users.


Plottr will mine the data for you and detect the anomalies you need to be aware of.


Let's just say that we made all that data we analyzed and learned about your products, articles and users available for you to observe.

With our no-expertize-required approach you will never face a hard decision again.

Plottr will be your Wingman, providing you all the inside info you need about your products. helping you track down things of interest and bringing up the things you need to know.

Plottr is Still in Closed Beta, Contact us to request early access
All we ask is your input.

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